In my painting life, I get to feel like the kid who has endless possibilities for discovery. The three-year-old who can barely sit through breakfast and wait for shoe laces to be tied before dashing out into the morning. She tries, again, to hold and to bring home her visions so others might know them. Others must know my excitement with the wet acrylic paint! The setting of the textures –sand, or pumice,  or just the consistency of the paint, the scraping and the scratching. I feel the urgency to find the right ingredients, one color upon the next. Is it possible to share the pleasure of seeing through one translucent layer to another, then building to a third, and a fourth? In my zeal I paint with my fingers, or the heel of my hand. With brush to canvas, the charge is just as electric.

Georgia O’Keeffe had a way in solitude to listen to no one and nothing but her own voice. Then, she said, she found herself in union with the voices of all women.  JMW Turner painted through the dark conventions of his time to a future generation that would bask in the glow of his light. I know the spirit of their work.

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